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To Suzanne, who gave this site to me.
To Marcos, who helped me get everything set up.
To Laci Jade and Jess for your continued support.
To the donators (Georgie, Jess, Riley, Marc,, As The Light Turns, Surrendered2Rali, Linn Kaarstad, Trishy, Morgan, Caliy Kay, Lauren Schneider, Ciara, Kerry, Emily Lawson, Beauty, Amanda, Rebecca, Eric Day, Jane Lee, Mandi, Claudine, Amy Danko, Brianne, Sarah, Kathy, Patricia, Brittany, Chris S. J., Freeman, Emily v. H., Archana, Farina, Andrea, etc.) for sending me pictures, articles, fanart, wallpaper, avatars, siggy bars, and just about everything!
To my wonderful affiliates for affiliating with me and loving this site enough to do so.
To the spoilers sources- CBS Daytime, SoapCity, TV Guide Online, Get Into ATWT, Soap Opera Digest, and Soap Opera Weekly.
To for providing some information for the filmography section.
To the fans for visiting the site, and to all the fans who send me comments and suggesions.
And especially to Jessica Dunphy, for being the wonderful talented actress that she is! Can't wait to see her win a Daytime Emmy!


This site is completely unofficial. It is in no way affiliated with Jessica Dunphy, As The World Turns, CBS, Procter & Gamble, HBO, ABC, or anything else regarding Jessica Dunphy. This is just a fansite, and is meant for entertainment purposes. It is a non-profit site, created by a fan for the fans.
If you see anything on any part of this site you find questionable, please tell me. I'll see if I can fix it.

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