Jessica's Biography

Full Name: Jessica R. Dunphy
Nicknames Called: Jess, Jessie, Jesse
Birthday: October 23, 1984
Age: 20
Living: In New York City. Has her own apartment, and has decorated it herself.
Siblings: Julia (two years older than Jessica) and Stefan.
On TV: See the filmography.
On Film: See the filmography.
On Stage: Has been in The Crucible, The Red Shoes, Grease, Little Women, and Servicemen.
If She Wasn't An Actress: She'd be an interior decorator, or a fashion designer.
Hobbies: Decorating and cooking.
First Job: A commercial for J-14 magazine at age 14.
Favorite Color: Pink
School Days: Jessica was on the honor roll, played the trumpet, and hated to be stuck behind a desk!
Is a Junkie For: Diet soda and coffee

Jessica with siblings as a kid at Christmas- left to right: Julia, Stefan, and Jessica Dunphy