Alison's Biography

Full Name: Alison McDermott Stewart
Birthday: July 11, 1994
Age: 20 (due to S.O.R.A.S- Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome)
Physical Appearance: Blonde hair, brown eyes. Quite a bit shorter than past boyfriends.
Living: In the small town of Oakdale, Illinios; in boyfriend Aaron Snyder's apartment.
Working: At Metro, Aaron's club.
Mom: Dr. Susan Stewart (but kind of Emily Stewart Munson, too)
Dad: Larry McDermott (residing in Chicago)
Siblings: Emily Stewart Munson
Love Interests: Chris Hughes (April 2003-September 2004), Aaron Snyder (April 2002-April 2003, November 2003-Current)
Friends: Will Munson. Celia Ortega. Aaron Synder. Katie Frasier. Lucy Montgomery.
Legal Troubles: Was busted in late 2002 for buring down the Snyder barn, running away with Aaron Snyder and Lucy Montgomery, and letting Will Munson (Hal's son, and Emily's stepson) take the blame for it. Sent to jail, but was released on January 2003 for good behavior (a.k.a. saving the prison guard's life). Was arrested in the winter of 2004 for stuffing Tish's (rival for Chris' attention) head down the toilet of Metro. Released soon after when it was revealed that Tish only pretended her neck was broken.
Other Facts: Lost her virginity to Chris. Desperate for love and attention. Makes everything about herself... but you can't help but love her! Bad attitude, snappy comebacks. But sweet and innocent around love of the moment. Concerned about her mother, most of the time.

Alison Stewart as played by Sarah Hyland