Soaps' Hottest Teens
Soap Opera Digest, August 12, 2003 Issue

Do you think of yourself as a typical teen? "I definitely feel like a teen. There's a part of me that's like a 40-year-old woman, because I plan everything out, I feel responsible about everything. But a lot of teens now take on a lot more responsibility."
Are you and Alison alike? "We're very, very different! I'm not as crazy; I don't tackle people, first of all. I think before I do things, I guess. That's the biggest difference between us. And I think I'm more secure with myself. There are a couple of crazy similarities, like certain relationships she has. Even though it sometimes seems like it's just about her, she does look out for other people."
What movies do you like? "I'm into Legally Blonde and things like that, because they're just fun and bubbly. Everyone always jokes that that's how I am: 'Pink Girl.' Everything I own is pink. Then, when I started the show, they made me really edgy and funky and weird. And I never wore the color red or any dark colors, so when my mom saw the first air show, she was like, 'What are you wearing? I didn't even recognize you.' She thought I was Katie, because I only wear pastels and pinks, and everything I have is monogrammed."
Seriously? "No, not everything, but I have a lot of pink monograms. I like bright colors; they just make me happy. I'm very in touch with my inner girl."

"Jessica is such a hot mama! She's 17 years old and she has a lot of screen presence. You can't help watching her. She's very smart, very conscientious, she works really hard and I just love what she does with the character. She really makes it work. She's a classy girl."
-- Marie Masters (ATWT's Susan)