Getting To Know You
Soap Opera Digest, July 29, 2003 Issue

Her character craves attention, but chronic shopper Jessica Dunphy is more likely to crave... accessories.

Chocolate Or Vanilla? "Vanilla, definitely. You think you'd want chocolate everything, but no."
Beach Or Pool? "That's a hard one. I don't like all the sand, but I still have to say beach."
TV Or Movie? "Movie. I like to go out."
Candy Or Flowers? "I love flowers. I would say candy, but some of Alison's wardrobe can be tight."
THE REAL WORLD Or ROAD RULES? "Neither. When they came out, I was into them, but now there are so many reality shows, and I'm not a big reality-show person."
JOE MILLIONAIRE Or THE BACHELORETTE? "JOE MILLIONAIRE. He looks like he should be on BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL, doesn't he? But I think I'm the only one who watched JOE MILLIONAIRE for the home decor and styles. I liked seeing what everyone wore and how they decorated."
Dog Or Cat? "Cat. I am such a cat person. I have had cats growing up, and whenever I go home, I see my cat. I do like little dogs. I like to be able to cuddle."
Dine In Or Eat Out? "Definitely go out. I like the atmosphere of different restaurants."
Sunrise Or Sunset? "Sunset because I shouldn't be awake that early in the morning. I'm definitely a night person."
Matt Damon Or Ben Affleck? "Do I have to choose either [laughes]? Then, I would say Matt Damon. I'll let J. Lo have Ben. I don't need him."
Truth Or Dare? "I guess truth."
Diet Or Regular? "Diet. Diet everything. My mom laughs at me, but I always have my Diet Coke and diet popcorn, and it doesn't really do anything. But the thought of having it be junk food, but diet junk food, makes me feel less guilty."
Brand Name Or Bargain? "Brand name. I'm a non-bargain shopper. I like service and quality!"
Gold Or Silver? "Gold. But if it was gold or platinum, it would be platinum."